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YMT Travel Ltd is a tour operating agency focusing on local, Macau and China short haul trips. The market share in Hong Kong’s travel industry has been increasing since it targeted the younger market segment by developing South East Asia and long haul tours.

Striving for a customer-oriented approach, YMT Travel is the first travel agent in Hong Kong which has earned the accreditation of Q-mark. It has also been awarded “Hong Kong Q-mark Quality Service Certificate” for 14 consecutive years. In 2016, it first garnered “Q-Mark Elite Brand Award ” jointly presented by Federation of Hong Kong Industries and Hong Kong Q-mark Council affirming its service excellence that has been widely perceived by the market.

Hotline: (852) 8200 1155

Causeway Bay: (852) 3960 0762

Kwun Tong: (852) 3960 0760

Mongkok: (852) 3960 0754

Tsuen Wan: (852) 3960 0767

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